About Carers Hub

We give you, the employer, more time to concentrate on what you do best: running a safe and effective care business.

Introduction to the Carers Hub

The Carers Hub is owned and managed by leading industry experts within the Care and recruitment sector, collectively offering over 35 years’ experience. We are truly passionate about the care industry and everyone in it.

Our unique portal allows Health and Social care workers to manage, maintain and control all their recruitment and training passports from a single, easy to use system, completely free of charge.

Our recruitment process is grounded in ensuring that we attract the most suitable of prospective candidates. We make sure that we communicate the values, culture and conduct expected within the health and social care sector.

How does it work?

The Carers Hub’s platform supports and digitises the entire recruitment and on-boarding process. The portal supports all candidates to create a live and transferable profile, making recruitment a simpler process for both candidates and employers. 

Carers Hub, specifically created with the care industry in mind is a completely new and bespoke system. It is an innovative and sustainable recruitment model for the care sector, supporting both candidates and providers through their employment process via a centralised, secure online portal, making the application and recruitment process easy. With fewer on-boarding documents and processes, you are freed up to focus on what truly matters.

Why choose Carers Hub?

email reminders

You own your training documentation. We just keep track of it. This means we'll email you and your employer when it's about to expire, to remind you to renew it. Simple!

simple to use

Our unique portal allows you to manage, maintain and control all your recruitment and training data from a single, easy to use system, completely free of charge.

less paperwork

Employers: we background check and DBS your employees in advance. You can download the evidence of this at the click of a button.

Save time

No need to re-enter all of your information whenever you start a new job. No need to get a new DBS check. We keep your live application form up to date whenever something changes.

Our Software

No complex installation needed. Hosted in the cloud. Accessible from anywhere with a web browser.

"Every provider wants a knock at the door with a ready-made carer able to start that day. Carers Hub South can provide that."

Benefits to employers

At Carers Hub, we appreciate the on-boarding burdens employers face; re-training new staff when they have just had the training from another company, re-applying for DBS checks when a recent check has been completed, waiting weeks for references to come back before candidates can begin. 

It’s a hassle that you don’t need.

Care Providers have to invest on average around £1200 into recruitment campaigns, processes and on-boarding of candidates with no guarantee of results. We remove the financial risk from care providers, whilst at the same time saving anxiety for candidates that do not wish to repeat the same processes. This allows you to invest your savings back into your workforce.

National Staff Turnover
New Staff Needed Per Year
Average Spend on Recruitment Campaigns
Saving using Carers Hub

Why do I need the Carers Hub?

The social care sector has significant issues with recruiting and retaining staff, with an estimated 31% turnover nationally. It is reported that the sector needs to recruit 128,000 new members of staff every year to replace those who leave or retire. 

This increases demand to 500,000 new members of staff required in 10 years’ time. 

The Carers Hub acknowledge these frightening projections and appreciate that this level of recruitment will inevitably generate a large on-boarding and training bill for all social care providers.

Our portal allows health and social care workers to manage, maintain and control their recruitment and training passports from a single, easy to use portal – free of charge

For the first time in the UK, care workers are able to be the owners of their on-boarding and training documentation. Whether you are an experienced carer or new to the sector, our portal will allow you to find your dream job in record time.

I'm a Care Worker - how does it work?

1. sign up

Create an account here, and fill in our electronic application form for the first and last time.

2. Interview

Come in for an informal interview by a member of our team who have over 30 years’ experience in the recruitment and social care sector

3. Documents

We will obtain various documents from you including: right to work, code of conduct and DBS.

4. Training

We will allocate you onto our training courses at no cost to you. These are uploaded to your portal when complete.

5. match

We provide you with a portfolio of providers who are matched to your dream job and you choose where you would like to be interviewed. This supports you to find a fulfilling work placement and not just another job.

6. Go!

Once we match you with an employer, you can start the next day! We securely transmit your data to your new employer. Email reminders are sent when training or documentation are due to expire. (The employer will be responsible for ensuring you are inducted into their company)

Does it work?

We strongly believe that this model will encourage providers’ growth, therefore enabling them to increase their capacity to care.

We want to work with all local councils and providers to identify need, and match this with the providers who wish to expand. We can support the recruitment of teams needed to fulfil the demand in the market place.

Quite often, care companies have vacancies to fill and therefore they employ the first candidate available because they cannot afford to invest in large recruitment campaigns.

Companies appreciate that this is a low paid sector so unfortunately they take on what they can to fill the gap, which quite often is a more costly and time consuming exercise.

“Every provider wants a knock at the door with a ready-made carer able to start that day. Carers Hub South can provide that.”

"Carers Hub South is the future of a less complicated and more resourceful care industry."

I'm an employer - how can I get started?

1. sign up

Create an account here and we will be in touch to discuss your recruitment requirements.


Carers Hub will match carers with the availability you require. If we do not have those candidates, we will advertise for them at no cost to you.

3. Interview

Once an applicant is matched, we will arrange for you to have an interview with them.

4. data transfer

Once a candidate has passed interview, we share all on-boarding and training documents with you electronically, which you can access at the click of a button.

5. start!

Candidate can start the same day.

6. follow up

Email reminders will be sent when applicant’s documents or training is expiring.

How much does it cost?

One off fee per placement, with a 45.8% saving from average on-boarding and training costs. We also offer a rebate scheme, allowing you to claim back if the candidate does not stay with you.

There is no cost to you, unless a successful candidate is on-boarded!